Digital Artist for Hire

D. Raymond Lunceford

  • Freelance artist and designer with a long background in both traditional and digital media.
  • Commissioned for both professional publishing and private work.
  • Specialty in concept design, but can do anything from original fine-art to cleanup and re-design of existing material.
  • Can employ a wide range of styles, from classical to fantastic, over nearly any subject matter.
  • Communicates with the client to achieve the desired look and function, and to make designs stand out.


Art contributions to Steve Jackson Games include the following works:
Pyramid Magazine (electronic), GURPS Traveller, GURPS Traveller: Behind the Claw, GURPS Technomancer, GURPS Y2K, In Nomine: You Are Here, In Nomine: Superiors 2, In Nomine: Fall of the Malakim
Freelance & Personal

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